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I live in Paris and have been in the business of the professional photography for more than 25 years.

I first specialized in interior design and began working with sevral design magazines.

Then I worked for a french architectural magazine called "L'Empreinte". At this time I was also working in a studio, photographing peoples and packshots for sevral companies and advertising agencies.

Today I specialize in two areas:

- The architectural photography and especially interiors.
I'm working for architects, companies, but also for hotels.
I can, of course, undertake any sort of photographic task.

- Portraits: people, single couple or small groups, but not event (not shows, ceremony, soirees...)

- Still lives and packshots

- The processing of digital photos.
I am fully qualified to undertake all kinds of:
- photo retouching
- photomontage and special effects creation
I can prepare photos for printing or Web display, the latter incliding special effects ad animated movement.

I look forward to hearing from you

Gilles Guérin